September 16, 2022

Hair Color Guide – How to prepare for color transformations & what to expect from the process.


A color refresh is always such a satisfying experience & overall transformation for every client! It’s a beauty trend that has literally been around for centuries. Whether you are going for a dramatic change, natural balayage, or just a light tint update, it’s always important to make sure your hair is ready for the process. Getting your hair in great condition for coloring can help get the best possible results while maintaining moisture. Here are a few things to consider when making your appointment.


The first step towards getting the perfect new color for your hair is talking to your colorist! Everyone has unique hair health needs, and you might find that your hair needs a little extra prep work depending on your color choice. Getting the perfect base based on your hair type, performing a patch test, checking to make sure you don’t have any chemical allergies, these are all things your stylist can help you with ahead of time.



Different coloring products and types penetrate different areas of the hair shaft, depending on how long they last. Temporary dyes usually lie on the outside of the hair cuticle, while permanent colors end up much deeper in the center of the hair shaft.


Bleach uses a process called oxidation to strip color by actually raising the cuticle of your hair to penetrate deeply. Unfortunately, this process can also remove moisture and damage protein structure, which is why bleaching repeatedly or incorrectly can lead to dry, brittle hair.


The good thing is, your stylist can come up with the best plan to get your hair the perfect color while taking the necessary steps to keep your locks looking happy and healthy. Bleach is a part of any lightning color process, and there are plenty of ways to help your hair bounce back from the chemicals. From specially formulated conditioning and color treatments, to the color formulas used, a good stylist will make sure every step is the right one for your hair type.



The coloring process is unique to your own hair type and depends on factors like thickness and texture. Hair type and desired color might mean you need a few appointments to reach your perfect shade. On the other hand, if you have naturally more porous hair, you may take less time than normal as the dye will penetrate and absorb faster. This is why it’s important to consult your stylist ahead of time to create a customized color plan.

If you have dark hair and want to go far lighter than your natural shade, lightening your tone will most likely involve a more intense bleach process. You can help your hair stay healthier by supplementing with conditioning treatments and specially formulated bond strengtheners to help your hair keep moisture during the process.


WEEK OF: A conditioning or oil treatment is a perfect way to help lock in moisture before a coloring appointment. Another good idea would be to get a trim! Regular trips to the salon for a trim can help remove dry or brittle ends that could end up absorbing color differently from the rest of your hair.

DAY OF: Don’t wash your hair! Leaving the natural oils in your hair makes it easier to achieve a smooth even color. An exception to this is a highlight service, clean hair free of product buildup can help color lift easily.

Now rock your new shade with confidence!

The last step is easy, love your hair every day and give it the care it needs to stay shiny and healthy until your next appointment. Any hair that’s been color-treated will need extra moisturizing treatments, as well as better protection against exposure to UV rays, chemicals, and heat styling. Boost your daily maintenance by using shampoo and conditioning products specially formulated for color-treated hair. Depending on your hair type, your specialist may recommend professional-level hair bonding or conditioning care for optimal results.

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